Six Tips For Moving With Kids

Moving can be a giant hassle even for one person, but when an entire family has to relocate to a new house the process can become infinitely more complicated. Young children are often quite attached to the home they were raised in, and sometimes seem to go out of their way to make the entire process of moving even more difficult. The following tips for moving with kids are intended to help parents ease the transition, both practically and emotionally, to a new home.

Leave the Toys ’til Last

It’s best to encourage kids to keep themselves occupied. Leaving the toys ’til last gives them something to do while they would otherwise be busily unpacking all the boxes their parents were trying to get packed and causing a general ruckus. Packing up those toys while they’re sleeping can help to avoid a temper tantrum on the morning of the move as well.

Enlist Some Help

The process of packing in itself is a difficult job, even without children to watch at the same time. Why not enlist some family or friends to occupy the kids while the majority of the packing gets done?

Start Early

Planning a move takes some time no matter what. When it involves an entire family, it will take twice as long as should reasonably be expected. Bear this in mind and get started early.

Get Rid of Things at Night

Parents who are using the move as an opportunity to get rid of some of those old toys that never see the light of day should consider packing them up at night instead of during the day while the kids are watching. All too often kids decide at the last minute that the toy that hasn’t been removed from the chest in the two years they’ve had it is now their favorite toy. Simply removing them when they’re not around can avoid this problem.

Plan Some Exciting Surprises

Purchase a few new toys, or plan a family activity near the end of the move. This will help the kids keep their morale up and get them excited for the adventure ahead.

Let Them Say Goodbye

Kids can be just as sentimental as adults. Plan to make one last pass through the house once everything has been packed up so that they can say their goodbyes. It will help them come to terms with the move.…