Keep Your Home Warm While Saving Money This Winter

Your home may feel cold during the winter months even though your utility bills are sky high. You would think that you would at least be comfortable if you have to pay so much to your energy bill, but there are often many over looked things you can do in your home to help lower these expenses. Use the following tips to save money and energy this winter.

Check for Drafts

You may be surprised by how much heat is escaping around your doors and windows. Make sure every one of these are tightly closed and locked. Check then for drafts by feeling around the windows and along the edges of the doors. If you can feel cold air entering, you are losing precious heat. The new window replacement Dunkirk MD professionals like Ace Home Improvements have to offer can make a huge difference when it comes to sealing your home against the cold. You may need to replace older doors too.

Utilize All Heating Options

Most homes have one main source of heat that they rely on, but this can become costly if you are not using all of the rooms in your home. Guest bedrooms and other areas that are not used daily can be closed off by shutting the door and closing the vents. If the family spends most of their time in one place like the living room, consider using a space heater for this room rather than turning up the thermostat for the entire house. Many come in decorative designs that mimic real fireplaces.

Bundle Up

It only makes sense to dress appropriately during the colder months, but you can go one step further by adding plenty of blankets and throws throughout the house. People are the coldest when sitting still. Have throws on the couch for use while watching TV, and add extra blankets and comforters to all of the beds. This allows you to keep the thermostat set a little lower.

Once these few simple tips are put into action around your home, you should see the benefits. Each one will help keep you warmer while saving energy in the process. Now all that is left to do is sit back and relax as you dream of spring’s arrival.…

Professional Chimney Sweeps

Having a fireplace to use in the winter can be a wonderful thing, but homeowners tend to neglect the chimneys that are attached to them. These chimneys need to be inspected at least once a year and cleaned out if they are to be used safely. That is a job best left to professional chimney sweeps, of which there are many throughout Washington, DC and the surrounding area. You can find many of them by Googling “chimney cleaning Washington DC,” but there is more to consider when hiring a chimney cleaning company than simply being available. Here are just a few things to consider when hiring a chimney sweep from a cleaning company.

Look for CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps

The most important thing to remember when shopping for chimney sweeps is to only hire those who are CSIA certified. The CSIA, or the Chimney Sweep Institute of America, is the standard for training chimney sweeps in the country. By hiring a CSIA certified chimney sweep, you can be sure that you are hiring someone with the experience and training they need to clean out even the dirtiest chimmney.

Ask for Recommendations

As with any professional cleaning service, the best way to find a reliable chimney cleaning service is to ask family members and friends for recommendations. Ask people you know if they’ve had their chimneys cleaned recently and if they were satisfied with the work. If they were, ask them who they hired for the job. You can also go online and read reviews of chimney cleaning companies near you, but nothing beats a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Consider Pricing

A chimney cleaning may seem expensive, but it is relatively affordable considering you only need to have the job done once or twice a year depending on how often you use your fireplace. Still, look for reputable companies that offer affordable rates or even special offers for their chimney cleaning services. A thorough chimney cleaning service will cost a couple hundred dollars, so you should take any discounts and specials you can get. Just make sure that anybody you hire is still doing a good job and will leave you with a clean and safe chimney and fireplace.…

Setting Up A Minimalist Kitchen In A Simple Way

There are things to do in building a minimalist kitchen. You have to get rid of useless objects to make it more comfortable. Large range of bar stools for your kitchen, for example, is important thing to consider.

Many things tend to be left on the kitchen and it’s easy to fall into the trap of having tools that you really don’t need on display for all to see. You also need to know that sometimes you have to consider having side tables in various styles and materials to make your kitchen become more elegant but still in minimalism way. Here some points to consider:

Keep only kitchen tools

Remove some unnecessary utensils from your kitchen area.  If you want to have minimalism look in your kitchen then stick with just essential kitchen tools. Some of these include cutting boards, set of knives, mixing bowls, measuring cups, etc.


Get rid and sell, recycle and give away to people who needs anything you don’t use on a regular basis. This includes any of those unnecessary items, old cookbooks, homewares, or anything cluttering your kitchen. Simplify the size of your side tables and the shape of stools also can be one of the way to the minimalism of your kitchen.


If you think you’re completely maximizing on your kitchen’s storage space then think again. Determine your organization system, try and prove yourself wrong, and take note of what’s working and what’s not working inside your kitchen cabinets. Does your kitchen have an easy to understand label system in place? When you look inside your pantry cabinet, can you clearly see all of your groceries? What about labelling the jars, baskets, waste bins and specific cabinet? If you’ve got an unseen cabinet in the corner of your kitchen, have a good think about storing seasonal items or pieces that aren’t used regularly at the back of this cabinet. Simple but important.


For a minimalist design, you’re going to eager to stick to a neutral and calm color scheme with discreet looking accessories and fittings. Don’t try and overcomplicate things, just think the simple way. A minimalist kitchen doesn’t mean an uninteresting kitchen. Make it fun, be creative and think clean lines and mixed textures, all in a very minimalist manner of course.

Game plan

It’s so hard to achieve for some people but we’re going to put it out there, game plan surrounds. Can you knock down a non-load bearing wall? Can you knock down a structural wall (with the assistance some professionals of course)? What can you do to extend the affection of your kitchen out into the next room? Can you move the dining table around, can you get rid of useless furniture that really isn’t showing any value to your space?

If your plan is ready, don’t be afraid to have a play around with your existing space. Organization and minimalism can be a fun thing to incorporate into your kitchen and will add some flow to your environment.…

How To Create A Stylish Home Office

With more adults working from home full-time or part-time, transition a spare bedroom or the corner of the living room in to a fully functioning home office is on the rise. Or maybe you just want a comfortable spot to study or surf the web on your laptop. Below are a few tips from the team at TMF 家匠 for creating a stylish home office.

It All Starts With The Desk

First things first, you need to find the perfect desk! Your desk must be the perfect style, but also be the right height, size, and shape. Do you want clean and crisp, an L-shaped desk, a corner desk with built-in vertical storage, glass top, metal, rustic, or vintage? The options are endless. When selecting your style also consider if you need any built-in features such as a drawer or two, keyboard shelf, or electronics cord hole. Depending on your needs, you may be on the lookout for a fabulous dining table that will double as your workspace.

TMF 家匠

Vintage Accessories

While you may not want a vintage desk or a full-on vintage design, consider adding a vintage accessory or two. A world globe, typewriter, lamp, 1940s telephone—or even vintage books. You could even consider a vintage sideboard for added storage.

Office Seating

You may not always want to sit at your desk while on your laptop or notebook, so consider a comfy recliner or contoured chair. Or maybe you could use an accent chair for clients or friends. At the very least, look for a desk chair with a bit of personality and style. Consider leather, velvet, or prints—maybe with chic tufts.

Offices Don’t Have To Be Neutral

Unlike offices decorated by your employer where almost everyone has the same cookie cutter furniture and accessories in the same neutral color palette—your home office doesn’t have to be neutral. Introduce patterns and texture, and even if your furniture is neutral—your drapes, accessories, and shelving storage baskets can be used to add a pop of color or patterns.

Do Your Really Need A Cabinet?

Metal cabinets are a classic office staple, but as work becomes increasingly paperless you may not need one. You will need somewhere to store your scanner and office supplies though, so consider a stylish credenza or shelving unit where you can place plants, photos, storage baskets, other accessories.

Don’t Forget The Walls

Have fun with the walls in your office and consider creating a feature wall with framed photos and artwork—not just one or two, but a mini gallery of images that will inspire you. Or maybe a statement piece of artwork.

Your office should be a beautiful and functional space where you can work and be inspired.…

How to Check Compatibility of your Interior Designer Gurgaon?

Are you the owner of a big commercial space?

Are you willing to renovate your residential premises for a particular occasion?

Or there is a plan to optimize interiors of commercial property to enhance its outer appearance

At this juncture, a professional consultation with a design expert can ease your task and render you a beneficial solution for the same. It becomes very much difficult to analyze that which interior designer will suit best to your preferences. The market is full of competition and every second designer company commits itself best from others. To overcome this overwhelming situation, you need to be very clear about your objective, purpose for interior design and most importantly your taste.

For choosing Interior Designer Gurgaon location, one should check the feedback of previous work performed by an interior designing company to which you are going to opt for. This article is briefing some sort of points as an instruction which can guide you better in the selection of an Interior designer agency.

Is interior designer different from Interior Decorator?

Most often people are not clear about the exact definition, work objective, preferences and expertise of interiors. The major misleading notion which they have about the concept of designers is, they think that the interior designers only pick out the best colors and give them outer appearance. But, the reality is far different from this misconception. A responsible Interior designer has to perform complex jobs. Some of the basic responsibilities of Interior designer are discussed below:

  • Spare planning and proper coordination of color
  • Estimation and finalization of budget
  • Taking contact of installing draperies, floorings, light fixtures, wall covers, furniture etc.

As per change in time and advancement in technology, Interior designers are also taking part in deciding architectural criteria for the building of the home or commercial spaces differently as per the demand. For a reputed and advanced Interior designer, it is desirable to possess expertise in home design & CAD software for preparing blueprints to represent in-front of clients.

If you are a resident of Metropolitan cities or areas nearby them, and searching an Interior Designer which can renovate your building perfectly in compliance to currently prevailed trends & techniques, then you are suggested to research first & get a more clearer view about Interior Designers.

Work conditions & Environment

Most often Interior Designer works as a part of a team on a freelance basis, but sometimes they find their responsibilities in architectural firms as well as home furnishing stores also. The main objective of an accomplished Interior designer is to get an overview of the exact need of the client, available space and environment of surroundings and integrate them all in functions well as aesthetics of the interior.

Before hiring Interior Designer Gurgaon, you need to take care of below-mentioned points

  • Check their financial background
  • Review previously completed projects
  • Experience and expertise of their team members
  • Management skills, their commitment, and standards of quality
  • Types of software and other technologies they use


The purpose of this article is to provide users a brief information about points to be taken care while choosing Interior design for commercial or residential premises.

Discovering A Home

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