4 Reasons Microfiber Cloths Are a Greener Choice

Cleaning is a necessary part of life. The right cleaning cloth can make your company greener and still provide a clean facility. Microfiber cloths are made from nylon and polyester fibers roughly the thickness of a strand of hair. Cleaning cloths made from microfiber benefit your business in many ways.

Faster Drying Time

Because the fibers of a microfiber are woven together, the net-like surface traps moisture leaving less behind on the floor or counters. You not only use less water when cleaning, but the surfaces dry up to three times faster than traditional cotton cloths. Using wholesale cleaning cloths saves you additional money and time.

Removes Bacteria

Microfiber traps debris, dirt and 98.9% of bacteria on smooth surfaces. Healthcare facilities need constant cloth replacement for cleaning and mopping to avoid cross-contamination. Easily change mop heads between rooms or launder cleaning cloths for a sterile environment.

Cost Effective Cleaning

Reuse laundered microfiber cloths up to five hundred times before replacing. Using less water and cleaning solution keeps costs down. Purchasing the cloths wholesale saves additional money.

Increased Surface Contact

The fibers of the cloth easily move into hard to reach spots without losing surface contact. The room is cleaner including crevices and surface pores of the floor.

Superior Absorbency

The net-like structure of microfiber allows the cloths to absorb a significant amount of water. One plunge of a microfiber mop head into the cleaning solution can tackle a large surface area. Productivity increases due to the lack of wringing and dripping of conventional mops.

Simply wash the cloths together in a warm or cool washer on the gentle cycle with detergent. With minimal drying time in a low-setting dryer, the cloths are easy to keep clean and cost less to maintain. Less to throw away and fill landfills make these an all-around green option for your business’ necessary cleaning.