After the Fire: Smoke Damage Repair

The damage left in the wake of a house fire can be overwhelming, from the effects of the fire itself to the rescue efforts needed to salvage the building and personal belongs. Once cleanup from a fire begins, a very important aspect is handling the smoke damage. Before attempting to deodorize furniture, carpets or walls, smoke molecules left behind must be removed to make the cleanup truly effective. A company that specializes in fire restoration can help assess the damage and form a restoration plan for your home. If you are in the midst of trying to figure out whether your house and belongings can be saved, read on to identify signs of damage to discuss with professionals who specialize in smoke damage Houston TX.

The Signs of Smoke Damage

A professional will be needed to assess how badly furniture, windows, and carpets have been affected by a fire. Their help should be sought soon after the event because the damage caused by smoke worsens the longer you wait. Signs of smoke damage include:

  • Yellow stains on areas like walls and counters
  • Dark residue on windows and other reflective surfaces
  • Smokey smell to carpets and upholstery

How a Professional Can Help

Once the damage to your home is assessed by a professional, preferably one certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, the next step is to remove the remaining smoke molecules from the environment. Depending on the company, they will use one of two processes, thermal fogging or ozone treatment. Thermal fogging is a process that creates very small particles to penetrate items like furniture to remove the smokey smell, and ozone treatment uses electrical currents to destroy the smoke particles left in the air.

No matter which method is used, early assistance from a professional can make a stressful situation much easier.