Causes of Damaged AC and First Steps to Fix it

Not a few people who depend on the air conditioner (AC) or air conditioning to get comfort at home. However, due to improper use or operation, air conditioning may become non-functioning properly. There are several causes that make the AC broken. One of them is a leak on the Freon.

Freon usually leaked due to pipes that drain cold air out clogged dust, or sagging pipe installation connection. Another cause is the capacitor or condenser is problematic. The condenser functions to store energy and become a hot release place on the AC system. If the condenser is damaged, then the air conditioner can’t remove cold air. Get in touch with Henderson air conditioning repair for the best AC repair.

A worn and rusted compressor is also a common cause of AC damage. Usually occurs on air conditioners that have long been used, about 5-1- year. If it has happened rust on the compressor then it could impact on other systems in AC.

When the air conditioner breaks, leaks or does not release cold air, there are several things you can do to prevent the damage from getting worse before calling the technician home. Or, maybe you can fix it yourself if possible.

Cleaning AC

The first thing that can be done when the air conditioner does not light or does not remove the cold wind is to clean it from all the dirt. Stacking dust usually leaves the Freon clogged and leaking, or the fan does not rotate perfectly. But if the air conditioner is still damaged, you should rent technician services because of the possibility of more serious problems associated with the AC system.

Check Fan Condition

After cleaning, try turning it back on and if it is working normally, then no need to call a technician. If the air conditioner has been clean but can’t also cool the room, you can check the fan on the outside.

Turn on the air conditioner, then see if the AC fan is spinning normally, the rotation is weak or does not rotate at all. If you can’t spin try to check the cable or compressor if there is a break or burn. Before checking it, make sure you have turned off the AC to prevent short circuit or electric shock.

Check Overall

If the fan is on but the compressor is not working, try checking the power cord and socket on the outside of the AC. Check if any parts of the cable or sockets are damaged. Also check the remote control to make sure the selected mode is right. The fan and compressor will work when the remote control is set in ‘Cool’ or ‘Auto’ mode.

This last way is quite simple and may seem trivial, but it should also be noted. Check the power cable connection between the inside and outside of the AC. AC is not lit could be due to a loose or loose connection.