How to Decorate Your Home – Small Edition


Living in the city is great! Whether you live in Westminster in London or along Deansgate in Manchester, every city has its unique features, scenes, and vibe. While cities have much to offer, there is one thing that they lack, unless you’re willing to pay a premium for it. That is space. If you decide to live in a large metropolitan city, chances are you have already come to terms with your small size digs. However, just because your home isn’t thousands of square feet doesn’t mean it has to feel that way.

At Hide Rugs, we produce high-quality leather rugs that perfectly accent each room in your home. While many people will look to decorate their large homes with hide rugs, they are also perfect for accenting smaller rooms in townhomes. Here are a few of our rugs that are perfect for the not-so-huge English homes.

For your living and entertainment areas, our cowhide rugs express the space with pure white and brown accent tones. Laid against tile or wooden floors, our premium cowhide rugs are a simple decoration that creates a warm sensation throughout the room without the need for extra square footage. Each rug is handmade in Brazil, ensuring the utmost quality and durability you expect from premium brands. Our cowhide rugs come in multiple colours and shapes, giving you the flexibility to pick the best rug for your living space.

In your bedroom, our sheepskin rugs are a subtle, yet classy way to bring together your space. Whether it’s just for decoration or for comfort when walking across the room, sheepskin is a durable rug that is equally comfortable. Likewise, each of our sheepskin rugs can be used for multiple purposes, such as a throw for chilly autumn and winter evenings or even a hanging room decoration on your walls. Maintaining your sheepskin rug has never been easier with our unique brush! Our sheepskin brush is ideally suited for your new hide rug, allowing you to clean it when needed. Its careful design prevents you from tearing our hair fibres while also thorough combing through the long hair.

For your dining room, draw attention to your creative layout with our unique exotic hide rugs. Our exotic collection includes goatskin, blesbok, and springbok hides, offering you the greatest selection of rugs available. Don’t have room for a large dining table? Use one of our exotic hide rugs to bring together your small décor without the need for large furniture.

Regardless of the size of your home, it’s important to make your house “yours”. Don’t let small rooms put you off from bringing together the space you do have. With our unique hide rugs, you’re sure to have the best-decorated home in your new home, flat, townhouse, or apartment!