The Benefits of Having a Sauna in Your Home

There are a number of benefits to having a sauna in your home. Proof of these benefits can be seen in just how popular saunas are all over the world. Whether you are talking about saunas being used by shamans in South America or serving as a place where visitors in South Korea can spend the night, saunas are used around the world as a way for people to relax and socialize. Subconsciously, people have known about the benefits of going to a sauna for hundreds of years. But only recently have these benefits been laid out in a way that is clear for all to see.

A Sauna Keeps You Young

As many people who have a home sauna can attest, having a sauna in the home is a great way to feel young and revitalized. There have been medical studies done on Finnish men who went to the sauna regularly. The studies showed that these men were less likely to die over the 20 year period of the study when compared to those who did not go to the sauna regularly. The results of the study were unquestionable. The more frequently a person goes to a sauna and the longer they stay in the sauna, the greater their chances are of living a long life.

Visiting a Sauna Helps Your Heart

When you are in a sauna, your temperature rises. Your body responds by increasing your heart rate. After just a few minutes of being in the sauna, you can actually feel your heart thumping in your chest in response to the intense conditions you are in.

This accelerated heart rate can temporarily cause your blood flow to increase and can serve as a workout for your heart. Studies have shown that over longer periods of time, visiting a sauna lowers blood pressure and produces other health benefits. Researchers are also looking into the possibility that a sauna might be used as therapy for individuals who have undergone a heart attack. The therapy would work by exercising the patient’s heart, causing the damaged tissue to get stronger.

Improve Breathing

Individuals who use a ThearmaSol sauna may experience an improvement in their breathing. This is because the dry hot air that is produced in a sauna is soothing to the lungs. Individuals who have bronchitis or who are dealing with asthma may find temporary relief from their symptoms when they are in a sauna. Because of the extreme heat in a sauna, the air is sterile. This means that users are less likely to catch viruses.

People are often surprised at how inexpensive a sauna is to install in a home. In some instances, it can be comparable to buying a new home theater system. The difference is that a sauna is not only entertaining, but it also has a number of health benefits.