Wall Sconces: Diving into the Different Designs

Much more than bulbs go into lighting. Lighting gives you the ability to control a space’s energy and vibe. If you’re looking to save floor space while adding ambient or accent lighting then sconces are for you. Wall sconces, lamps adhered to the wall, come in a wealth of styles and shapes. Keep reading to learn about some of the sconces available for enhancing your home.


Long, slim and tall, wallchieres get their fancy name from being a blend of torchiere and wall lamps. Their detailed designs are perfect for adding extra glamour to your home’s decor. A popular choice for people wanting to add both light and style, wallchieres are available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

Candle Sconces

Conjure up images from times long ago and candlelight flickers in the mind. Used for centuries, candle sconces have long been the go-to for indoor lighting. These sconces emit a small amount of light, so they are not ideal to use as the main light source. Candle sconces are perfect for imbuing a space with intimacy. Like the wall sconces Westlake Village offers, these light fixtures come in a variety of finishes.

Picture Lights

Picture lights were made for accent lighting. The name reveals all, as this lamp draws attention to a picture. Picture lights are long, slim and are perfect for those looking to add a touch of an art gallery style to their home.

Lantern Wall Sconces

Lantern sconces add a traditional vibe to a home. Designed for outdoor lighting, lantern sconces give off a lot of light to help residents see at night. They also make a great burglar deterrent and are simple to install.

These are some of the different wall sconce options for your home. The choices might seem overwhelming, but with the basics down, your home is sure to shine bright.