Creative Ways to Transform Old Car Parts

Do you have an old junker taking up space in your driveway? Before you call the junkyard to haul it away, consider some creative ways to put your auto parts to use in and around your home.

Put Together Themed Rooms

Maybe your little one who loves cars and can’t wait to hit the road every weekend. There are many ways to put old car parts to work in a bedroom. Consider making a headboard or bookshelf out of the hood of the car. If it looks a bit old and travel-worn, those details may just complete the look. Don’t forget to hang a license plate or two on the wall. Round out the theme by turning an old headlight into a bedside lamp.

Re-Purpose Car Components

Some homeowners have taken parts of old cars, trucks, and even tractors and turned them into DIY projects that are practical, fun, or both. For example, a wheel rim or two could be used to build a fire pit or an edgy chiminea. Use a tire rim to serve as a hose reel and paint it to add some color to your yard. Add interest to an old chest of drawers with car handles in place of drawer pulls. Of course, an old tire can be used as part of a backyard playground.

Add Interest With Decorative Elements

Many auto parts are used as is for decorative elements. For example, spark plugs painted gold can be used as awards for a children’s racing event. Add license plates to the top of a birdhouse or the rungs of a ladder for an element of fun.

Create Artwork

Many inventive creators have hunted through junk cars sussex county nj, to find the perfect pieces to create metal sculptures, artistic paperweights, bookends, and yard decorations. There’s almost no end to the types of creations to be fashioned from the inner gears, springs, and wires of an older car.

When you have an old car or truck taking up space in your yard, be sure to pull some parts out for re-use in your home. There’s no end to the crafting and making fun you can have with that old, rusty jalopy.…

Wall Sconces: Diving into the Different Designs

Much more than bulbs go into lighting. Lighting gives you the ability to control a space’s energy and vibe. If you’re looking to save floor space while adding ambient or accent lighting then sconces are for you. Wall sconces, lamps adhered to the wall, come in a wealth of styles and shapes. Keep reading to learn about some of the sconces available for enhancing your home.


Long, slim and tall, wallchieres get their fancy name from being a blend of torchiere and wall lamps. Their detailed designs are perfect for adding extra glamour to your home’s decor. A popular choice for people wanting to add both light and style, wallchieres are available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

Candle Sconces

Conjure up images from times long ago and candlelight flickers in the mind. Used for centuries, candle sconces have long been the go-to for indoor lighting. These sconces emit a small amount of light, so they are not ideal to use as the main light source. Candle sconces are perfect for imbuing a space with intimacy. Like the wall sconces Westlake Village offers, these light fixtures come in a variety of finishes.

Picture Lights

Picture lights were made for accent lighting. The name reveals all, as this lamp draws attention to a picture. Picture lights are long, slim and are perfect for those looking to add a touch of an art gallery style to their home.

Lantern Wall Sconces

Lantern sconces add a traditional vibe to a home. Designed for outdoor lighting, lantern sconces give off a lot of light to help residents see at night. They also make a great burglar deterrent and are simple to install.

These are some of the different wall sconce options for your home. The choices might seem overwhelming, but with the basics down, your home is sure to shine bright.…

Need a Change? Fix up Your Home

A man’s (or woman’s) home is his castle. That well-known phrase carries a lot of truth. Your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle. If it doesn’t, there are a few simple things that can make a difference.

Paint Throughout

Nothing says fresh and clean like a new coat of paint. You can change the entire feel of your home simply by changing your paint colors. Depending on your desires, choose more energetic brighter colors or more peaceful pastel colors. A more sophisticated look can be achieved by painting a soft, neutral color throughout the entire home.


A surefire way to update the feeling and add value to your home is a kitchen remodel. If that is something you want to undertake, you may want to check out the types of kitchen remodel green cove springs fl has to offer. Remodeling may entail a total teardown of the room or something as simple as a new floor and cabinets.

A New Personality

The personality of a room can be changed significantly by simply changing the style of the furnishings. By simply rearranging or trading furniture pieces with those located in a different room, you can accomplish great change. Slipcovers can freshen a tired old sofa. Consider changing out the curtains and accessories to suit your current lifestyle.

Curb Appeal

Give people a taste of what lies inside even before they enter your home, by cleaning styling the front porch. If your home is decorated in farmhouse style, create a cozy porch area with a bench, pillows and a welcoming sign. If it is more modern, choose an updated porch light, address numbers and plantings that are in keeping with that style. Coordinate the inside and outside to create a cohesive feel.

As you can see, making a few changes can make a big difference. Presenting your home as a more accurate representation of your personality will make it more comfortable to you as well as your guests.…