Ways To Clean Your Carpet

Carpeting can make your living areas a comfortable, warm place to be. However, foot traffic and spills can wear on this type of flooring after time. How can you breathe new life into your carpets? Here are a few steps to clean them so they look almost new again.

Regular Maintenance

Every three to six months, you should deep clean your carpet to free the embedded soil from deep in the fibers. You will either need to rent a machine for steam carpet cleaning houston or hire a service to do so. The cleaner will shoot water treated with a shampoo into the carpet them suck it out at the same time. Your floor will be damp when they are done but will look much better. You will want to move furniture around to clean the entire room.

Sucking Up the Problem

You can keep your carpets clean and fresh between steam cleanings by vacuuming it once or twice a week. Doing this keeps dirt and other garbage from getting ground into the fibers. It also rustles the surface of the flooring to eliminate the paths that are matted down by foot traffic.

Spot Checking the Problem

Accidents happen and they can leave a mark on your floor. If something happens to spill on your carpet, you will want to take a dry cloth soaked with cleaner and blot the stain. Rubbing it will smear the mess and make the spot bigger. There are other substances that can be used to remove stains such as club soda or dishwashing soap. You can try these things to work out stubborn stains. If you have a fruit snack or gum stuck to the yarn of your carpeting, you can spray it with gum remover or press the fibers between ice to freeze it. Once it is solid, it will break off and be easily removed.…

Take a Deep Breath: Making Clean Air a Priority in Your Home

If you live in a more industrialized or densely populated area, clean air that’s safe to breathe could be a major concern for you and your household. Increased awareness and regulations are pointing factories in the right direction, leading companies to adopt safer practices, such as utilizing donaldson compressed air filters and choosing more clean energy sources. While it’s an important step in improving the quality of the air in these regions, you can do your part to prioritize clean air in and around your home as well.

Reduce Your Overall Energy Consumption

There are plenty of simple ways to use less energy, ultimately resulting in less air pollution. Carpool, take public transportation or bike when traveling to work or running errands. Consider installing a programmable thermostat and even upgrading to a smart system that allows you to program your home’s temperature and lighting to avoid wasted energy. Make a habit of turning off the TV and unplugging all devices when they aren’t in use.

Purchase Quality Air Filters and Purifiers for Your Home

There are many instances where it’s a great idea to go for something cheaper to save a few bucks, but a higher quality air filter for your HVAC system may be worth the price. This is especially important if you have a pet or live with a young child or elderly person. In addition, a portable air purifier can help remove dust, dirt and particulate matter from the air to help keep your home fresh and allergies at bay.

Go Green Inside and Out

Many houseplants have natural air purifying properties, including snake plants, peace lilies and bamboo palms. Not only can they help you create a more beautiful and calming environment, but they are known to help rid the air of mold and formaldehyde. Planting shrubs and trees outdoors can also give your home more curb appeal while helping the planet by processing more carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

With just a few simple steps you can help create an atmosphere that’s cleaner and safer for yourself and those around you.…