5 Signs of a Broken Septic Tank

Anybody in Orlando who has had a septic tank fail or break knows that it can be smelly, and messy. Septic tank failures can also quickly become disruptive, and sometimes costly if not addressed as soon as possible. Having a better understanding of the signs that typically suggest it’s time to call on a septic repair professional, like what’s discussed below, can minimize property damage and related issues with your residential or commercial plumbing.

1. A Foul Smell Anywhere on Your Property

If a septic tank only has a minor crack, the resulting smell may start out as weak, or odors may come and go. Any type of sewage smell on your property, either inside or outside of your home or business, should be reason enough to call on septic tank professionals.

2. Excessive Grass and Plant Growth

Normally, robust plant or grass growth is a good thing. But if you are seeing this type of excessive growth around your septic tank site, it’s the sign that waste and water is making soil highly fertile. This type of growth is usually more noticeable if the rest of your yard isn’t usually as green or thick with vegetation.

3. Gurgling Sounds in Pipes

A more subtle sign of a septic tank that needs some attention is gurgling sounds heard in pipes when a toilet is flushed, the bathwater is drained, a shower is taken, or a sink or dishwasher is used. The gurgling noise is produced when the tank is broken in a way that keeps it too full of solids to function properly.

4. Standing Water or Soggy Soil

Assuming your gutter system is fine, soggy spots on your lawn or standing pools of water are a sign you may have a broken septic tank. If you notice that wet patches are also smelly, it’s best to contact professionals immediately since odorous water contaminated with septic materials could be a health hazard.

5. Difficulty Flushing Toilets

A toilet that doesn’t flush could be an unrelated problem with your toilet. If this isn’t the case, it’s likely a sign your septic tank is failing. It’s best to call for assistance as soon as the problem is noticed since a nasty back-up could be just around the corner if toilets will no longer flush properly or at all.

Any type of broken septic tank Orlando homeowners or business owners happen to be dealing with can become less of a headache if consistent efforts are made to maintain a septic system. This includes not flushing or pouring non-biodegradables and chemicals down drains and keeping heavy things like above ground pools or parked cars away from the area where the tank is located.