5 Ways To Make an Aging House Look New Again

In an ideal world, your home wouldn’t age, but instead, it would change with a charm and appealing grace. The rooms would maintain their character, and your furniture would gracefully become antiques. Sadly, that doesn’t happen as your home ages. So, here are five ways to make an aging house look new again.

Adding a Room

If your home feels too small, rather than move, why not consider room additions Anne Arundel County MD. Contacting a carpenter and remodeling your home can be much easier than looking for another house and moving away from your neighborhood.

Replacing a Floor

Few things can change the look of a room more than replacing the floor. Updating the carpet, changing to hardwood, or adding a laminate can all drastically update the mood of the room. People are also choosing cement flooring in bold patterns and striking colors.

Updating Switches

Switches and outlet covers can age over time as the oils from your hands turn them yellow. Sometimes homeowners paint over the area, and it can begin flaking off over the years. Replacing the switches, outlets, and plates with new versions can be inexpensive, yet it can make a striking difference.

Adding Light

Homes that are over 50 years old often have boxy rooms with few windows because they were designed to keep the warmth inside the area. Modern homes often emphasize light with big windows and track lighting running the length of the room. You can update the look of any area by adding daylight bulbs, changing light fixtures, or enlarging your windows.

Changing Paint

Older homes often have painted rooms the color of the rainbow as you move from one area of the home to another. From sea blues to cardinal reds to natural tans, the list goes on and on. Modern homes focus on a cohesive palette of paint colors throughout the whole house.

Updating the look of your house can be easy when you follow these simple changes. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a modern look.