Adding Style To Your Teen’s Bedroom

When the time has come to start updating your teen’s bedroom, there are a few ideas that you might want to consider. Take the time to explore the designs that your teen enjoys so that space is a bit more personalized than it was as a nursery or as a toddler’s bedroom that you had a hand in designing. This is likely the last room in the home that your teen will call his own, so it’s important to make it as comfortable as possible. A renovation contractor can help with everything from painting to changing the lighting or the flooring.

Create a fun room with bright colors and a bubble chair that hangs from the ceiling. Add a pillow to the chair for relaxing after a long day at school or so that your teen has a comfortable place to sit while reading a book. If you’re looking for more ideas that hang from the ceiling, then consider a swinging bed. Ropes are attached to each corner of the bed, suspended the bed from the ceiling. It will sway back and forth while your child is sitting or sleeping on the bed, but it’s a fun adventure that makes the room unique.

Neon signs and wall decorations can add a touch of personality that other decorations usually don’t deliver. You can sometimes get signs made that are customized with the name of your teen or with a favorite sports team or hobby. Wall art is another option as a way for teens to express themselves in a bedroom. There are multiple designs, colors, and styles available, but try not to get too many decorations of this kind for the wall as they can sometimes make the room seem cluttered and overwhelming. The eclectic teen might enjoy bold colors, such as a black bed, purple curtains and a teal chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. You could also include chairs that are covered in cloths of bright colors and window shades with fun patterns. Add a little pizzazz to the bed with fringe around the entire bed instead of beads that were once a popular addition.