Benefits of Non-destructive Inspection

All plant managers and maintenance technicians understand the importance of monitoring the condition of expensive equipment. But the issue occurs when maintenance staff tries to schedule a maintenance window that reduces production time. And it can take hours to shut down a machine, disassemble it and inspect all of the working parts to make sure that nothing is wearing or compromised. Management knows that down time means lost production and in a sense lost revenue so they want as small a maintenance window as possible and as few as possible. But this can result in breakdowns, equipment failures and even more lost time. The solution is to commit to a regularly scheduled ultrasound inspection.

This test can be performed with limited access to the machine and in a very short period of time. The ultrasonic waves can detect the smallest defects in a surface or even wear that is degrading a surface or the thickness of a piece of material. Now you can scan a piece of equipment and see the results in just minutes. The equipment can be put back in service much more quickly than if it was disassembled for a visual inspection. In addition, ultrasonic waves will detect an imperfection or flaw that is too small for a human eye to see.

Using ultrasound equipment will provide you with reliable results in a fraction of the time of an older hands on inspection. And the results will allow you to plan your maintenance schedule for an opportune time to replace parts that are showing wear. This not only saves money on emergency repairs and parts orders but also helps to avoid a situation where one failed part causes additional damage to surrounding parts of the equipment. Use the latest technology and testing equipment to protect your investment and your business.