Benefits of Switching to Tankless

If you’re ready to update your appliances, take a moment to look into switching from a traditional water heater to a tankless version. Tankless water heaters are either gas-powered or electric, like a traditional water heater, but they also come in a variety of sizes, all of which are much smaller than your standard American water heater.

Water Conservation & Energy Savings

One of the most obvious perks of a tankless water heaters Pleasanton CA is that it’s not storing all of that water. Water is called on demand, rather than sitting around in a tank waiting to be used. Storing water can lead to rusting, which can lead to leaks. Without holding all that water, as well as innovation, tankless water heaters can last for five to 10 years longer than a typical water heater.

Tankless water heaters also offer significant energy savings over the course of its lifetime. An electrical unit uses less electricity than a traditional water heater by as much as 30 to 50 percent. This also adds up to significant money savings year over year. Additionally, the electrical units don’t emit greenhouse gases. Water and energy conservation together can be a significant cost reduction.

Convenience & Space Saving

Furthermore, tankless water heaters add the convenience of on-demand hot water. You won’t have to run the tap and wait when you want to wash dishes or take a shower. When purchasing a unit, though, make sure that the water heater can keep up with the hot water demand in your house. Bigger, more powerful gas units can handle multiple draws simultaneously, but they’re pricier, as well as more expensive to install. Even if you need a bigger unit, tankless water heaters are still smaller. You can fit one in a much smaller space than a traditional water heater.

When it comes time to consider purchasing a new water heater, whether it’s because you need to or because you want something more efficient, consider a tankless water heater.