Cleaning House: Clever Ways to Gussy up the Exterior

You spend several hours a week on cleaning up the interior of the home. It looks spotless. However, the exterior is often overlooked. These areas take on the toughest weather and other challenges. Consider these tips that can help you gussy up the exterior spaces. A little effort makes a big difference.

Clearing the Gutters

Help the home with better functionality and aesthetic value by cleaning out the gutters. Hire roofing contractors Beaverton Oregon or perform the work yourself. Removing debris from the gutters is critical to a well-maintained rooftop. Clogs at the roof line will only lead to water leaks into the home.

At the same time, verify that the gutters are all draining as designed. They should have an angle toward the ground that encourages swift runoff away from the home’s foundation.

Power Washing the Siding

Your siding is strong, but it still attracts dirt. Use a power washer to clean the siding, especially when you have several stories to the property. The paint might look fresh after your efforts.

Adding Some Color

Sweep up that wide-open porch and add some color to it. Container plants with plenty of flowers are perfect tools for yard beautification. Add as many containers as you desire to the front yard. They might spill out onto your walkway too. Container plants are easy to maintain while giving you the choice of swapping out plants over the various seasons.

Removing Concrete Stains

Take a close look at your driveway and garage. Over the years, oil stains often dot these surfaces. Use an appropriate cleaner in order to remove the stains. The concrete can look nearly brand new when you put the effort in to clean it. Test a small corner of the concrete with your cleaning solution before performing the big job. The cleaner shouldn’t create more stains on the concrete.

Remember to keep up with the landscaping too. Lawns must be mowed, and bushes require pruning. All of the little details will result in a beautiful home that only gains value.