When selling your home, it’s easy to stay fixated on the interior of the house and forget about the exterior. While a clean home and fresh paint are very important selling points, keep in mind that many buyers wonder about the outside of the house too. Remember to update outbuildings and your yard when you’re getting ready to list your house.


Even if you’ve used the garage as nothing more than a storage space over the years, think about prospective buyers and how they might use it. Could it be a shop? A man cave or she space? It’s worth making small changes to the area to make it stand out to buyers.

  • A treated floor can last much longer than a standard concrete floor. Garage guard epoxy coating creates a protective barrier to prevent stains and spills.
  • Extra storage is always a hot selling point. Add shelves or cabinets along otherwise bare walls.
  • Are the windows all in good shape? Are the doors sealed? These seem like minor details, but they’re important. A cracked window is guaranteed to be noticed by prospective buyers.

Deck and Patio

Outdoor features are great selling points, especially in the warmer summer months. If you have a deck and/or a patio, make the most of it! Show it in its best possible light to give buyers something to remember.

  • Pressure wash all over. Clear off moss or buildup and get rid of any slime. This doesn’t just make it look cleaner, but it also prevents slipping risks.
  • Repair any broken or loose boards. Reinforce wiggly ones with screws and replace boards that are cracked. Don’t forget about the railings and stairs too!
  • Stage the area with patio furniture. A well-staged outdoor area can help show the potential of the space.


Dying, shaggy grass and wilting plant life can make for a depressing first impression. Make the yard look fresh and beautiful to add curb appeal to the lot.

  • Rake up any leaves and loose sticks. Get rid of all debris and create a blank slate for mowing.
  • Plant colorful flowers in your freshly-weeded flower beds. Don’t forget to water them in the evenings!
  • Replace missing stones or bricks in your garden walls and paths. The difference it makes is astounding and makes the space look more complete.

Once the inside is how you want it to look, remember to think about your yard and outdoor spaces when you’re selling your house. Buyers love to see a pretty, well-groomed yard!

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