How To Maintain Your Carpet Flooring

There is nothing like admiring the look of your brand new carpet flooring. However, dirt and debris can quickly put a damper on your new carpet. Use the following tips to maintain your carpet flooring and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Start With The Entrances

The first step to maintaining your carpet is to place doormats at every entrance of your home. You want to use both indoor and outdoor mats to protect your carpet. Another option is to make it a rule to remove shoes before entering your home.

Layer of Protection

Use a carpet protector spray to keep your carpet safe from residues, spills and debris. You want to apply the protector on a regular basis to keep your carpet from wearing down. The protector should also be applied right after a professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis to keep dust, dirt and debris from building up. The high-traffic areas should be vacuumed two to three times a week. You can vacuum the areas with less traffic just once a week.

Remove Stains

It is important to remove spots and stains immediately to keep them from settling into your carpet. Use a spoon or knife to gently remove solid food before working on the stain itself. You want to use a cleaner that is designed for your type of carpet.

Deep Cleaning

You should perform a deep cleaning in all high-traffic areas every 12 to 18 months. This removes any dust and debris you may have missed during your regular cleaning sessions. Another option is to hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your carpet.

Rotate Your Furniture

When you rotate your furniture every few years, you are sure to find dents in your carpet. It is best to rotate your furniture every few months to protect your carpet from permanent damage. You can also place area rugs on your carpet to hide any dents from heavy furniture.

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