Improve Your Indoor Air Quality, Upgrade Your Life

Houston is known for its NASA Space Center, great Tex-Mex restaurants, and high humidity. Couple this natural dampness with the occasional rainstorm, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for mold growth. Mold is attributed to a variety of respiratory and skin issues. Mold spores, which feed on broken-down wood and textile products in your home, are living organisms that belong in healthy ecosystems. You won’t be able to rid them from your home altogether. You can, however, improve your indoor air quality and protect your health by controlling the growth of mold with these steps.

Check for Leaks

Experts for mold removal in houston always start with water leak inspections for homes that have mold issues. Excess moisture contributes to mold growth, and window and roof leaks allow enough water into homes to cause problems. You can start waterproofing windows by making repairs, applying caulking, or adding weather stripping. Make sure roof repairs to damaged shingles and flashings are prompt and thorough to prevent leaks.

Install a Dehumidifier

If you’ve got mold in a confined area, you’ll want to outfit that space with a dehumidifier to prevent future mold growth after the area has been cleaned. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you’ll need to keep your space’s relative humidity below 60 percent to prevent mold growth. If your budget allows, consider a whole-home dehumidifying system that attaches to your HVAC unit. This appliance will reduce mold growth in your home and make your house more comfortable for you and your family.

Use Insulation to Air Seal Your Home

Air leaks in duct work and poorly insulated attics cause hot, humid air to be sucked into your home. Adding insulation to attics and sealing out air leaks around attic stairs reduce the amount of humid air that makes its way into your living spaces. You’ll likely save on your utility bills as a bonus.

Upgrade Your HVAC Filter

The mold colonies that you see on your walls show that your mold issue has gone unchecked. Individual mold spores are microscopic and are transported in the air. Upgrading your HVAC’s air filter with one that is designed to reduce mold is an easy way to reduce the presence of mold in your home.

Just like people, mold spores thrive with adequate warmth, food, and water. While you can’t control the temperature and food elements without making yourself uncomfortable, you can cut the amount of moisture in your home as an effective step for mold removal in Houston.