The kitchen is where people gather in homes. Kitchen designs are often selling points for homes. Redesigning your home’s kitchen can make it the center of attention again.

Design Elements

When you sit down with a contractor for an estimate for your kitchen design Greensburg PA project, have a list of must haves ready. This helps the contractor draw out the kitchen in a way that makes sense and includes everything you need. It is also a good idea to have photo references of kitchen designs that you like handy.

Smart Functionality

The kitchen needs to be designed in a way that makes sense for you and your family. If you have children, a special drawer or cabinet for their snacks may be a request. You also need to be able to store items where they make sense. This would mean placing the silverware drawer under the storage area for plates and bowls. It would be ideal for spices to be next to the stove or food prep area.

Kitchen designs do use a couple of standard schematics, such as placing the sink, refrigerator and stove in a triangle. This places your sink in between two important areas of the space – where you obtain fresh items to prepare them and where the items are cooked.

It is ideal to design storage for cookware and cooking utensils next to the stove for increased functionality. The dishwasher should be placed between the stove or dish storage and the sink. The decision comes down to having clean dishes closer to their storage places or easier loading after cooking.

Color Scheme

Color is important in the kitchen. While it is good to follow the color scheme of the rest of the home for good flow, a little contrast can also be good to help separate the space. Consider colors that pair well with the neighboring spaces while using some elements to tie the spaces together.

Closing Thoughts

Set your budget and obtain several estimates. Make sure that the company or companies you hire have a firm grasp of your needs, design preferences and budget. Some compromises may be needed along the way if unforeseen issues arise and they cut into the budget.

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