Modern Farmhouse House Plans for Your Townhouse

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your current home or you’re moving into a fabulous new home, it’s nice to make it look fresh, inviting and beautiful. After visiting the homes of close friends and family, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and decorate the way they do. Instead, consider these fun ways to use paint in your interior decor and stand out.

1. Interior Doors

While some homeowners’ associations allow the freedom to paint the exterior door any color, others do not. On the other hand, you might be moving to a home with one of the Perch Plans and you might love the way the exterior door was painted already. Consider painting the interior doors to match your decor. This is also an excellent way to add pops of color and depth.

2. Ceilings

Whether your home is a townhouse or it was constructed as one of the Modern Farmhouse House Plans, ceilings and floors are always the largest portions of space in any home. Unfortunately, many people forget about the ceiling and leave it the way it is. You can incorporate paint in this area and make it look more polished. Paint the ceilings with a different color than the rest of the room. If the walls are blue and you’d like to paint the ceiling blue, do a different shade. If you do the entire room and the ceiling in the same color, it might feel like a cage. Also, it’s wise to use matte colors for the ceiling. To get the best results, find a few paint samples and paint different patches of the ceiling. Wait a few days to see which color you love the most.

3. Stencils

Stencils are beautiful and are the cheat sheet to make it look like you hand-painted the walls yourself. If you love bonsai trees, consider painting a large bonsai tree across the length of your dining room. Whatever stencil you choose, let it make a statement. Stencils will also work beautifully in a child’s room. If you have a safari theme for your nursery, purchase a stencil of spots to mimic the spots of a giraffe or a cheetah. Get creative with your use of color and have fun with it.