Modern Home Design Tips 1 Floor

Modern minimalist house 1 floor, for now, it is more in demand by most people. This is because the model of the house provides its own charm, in addition to requiring only a land that is not too large, the view of the minimalist house looks more attractive because of minimalist, simple but still can be made modern.

Then also to make home decor up to its own interior design will also be easier and not too much. For example, you can use stamped concrete Houston to make it an elegant and interesting driveways, walkways, patios and pool surrounds. Nevertheless, in designing a minimalist home also need to pay attention to some things so that later not too cramped. And to anticipate it you can take advantage of the interior design of the house itself because usually the more difficult in designing the minimalist house itself is the interior. And this time that will be discussed is how the right interior design that can be used for your home.

Interior Design House Minimalist 1 Floor

For a modern minimalist model of a single floor itself is now very easy to find such as in a residential complex or the other. And in the interior of the house set up minimalist it is necessary to pay attention to some things, as for some modern minimalist home design tips 1 floor that you can note is as follows:

  1. The first is the selection of furniture, you try to use simple furniture and not too much ornament. Features with many ornaments will give a narrow impression in the room minimalist house.
  2. Then the second is to use a color or theme that matches the house, then you can also use furniture that does have many functions such as chairs which can be used as a room divider, then for his own lights can choose a hanging lamp for the room becomes brighter. You can also use concrete countertops for kitchen surfaces.
  3. Then you can use a mirror with a size large enough so that later will make the house look bigger because of the reflection of the mirror itself.
  4. Then you also need to pay attention to the arrangement of each room because the arrangement of the room is very important if your modern minimalist house even more with 1 floor.

Exterior Design Minimalist House

Those are some tips that you can consider in designing a minimalist home interior, if you pay attention to some of these things, will give the impression of a wider and not narrow.

Then besides the interior design that needs to be considered, exterior design also needs to be considered, as for the suggestion for exterior design that needs to be considered in modern minimalist house itself is the color selection of the walls, you can choose natural colors like beige, chocolate, then also can be combined with black or others. So, of course, you will get a special attraction from the modern minimalist 1 floor.