Setting Up A Minimalist Kitchen In A Simple Way

There are things to do in building a minimalist kitchen. You have to get rid of useless objects to make it more comfortable. Large range of bar stools for your kitchen, for example, is important thing to consider.

Many things tend to be left on the kitchen and it’s easy to fall into the trap of having tools that you really don’t need on display for all to see. You also need to know that sometimes you have to consider having side tables in various styles and materials to make your kitchen become more elegant but still in minimalism way. Here some points to consider:

Keep only kitchen tools

Remove some unnecessary utensils from your kitchen area.  If you want to have minimalism look in your kitchen then stick with just essential kitchen tools. Some of these include cutting boards, set of knives, mixing bowls, measuring cups, etc.


Get rid and sell, recycle and give away to people who needs anything you don’t use on a regular basis. This includes any of those unnecessary items, old cookbooks, homewares, or anything cluttering your kitchen. Simplify the size of your side tables and the shape of stools also can be one of the way to the minimalism of your kitchen.


If you think you’re completely maximizing on your kitchen’s storage space then think again. Determine your organization system, try and prove yourself wrong, and take note of what’s working and what’s not working inside your kitchen cabinets. Does your kitchen have an easy to understand label system in place? When you look inside your pantry cabinet, can you clearly see all of your groceries? What about labelling the jars, baskets, waste bins and specific cabinet? If you’ve got an unseen cabinet in the corner of your kitchen, have a good think about storing seasonal items or pieces that aren’t used regularly at the back of this cabinet. Simple but important.


For a minimalist design, you’re going to eager to stick to a neutral and calm color scheme with discreet looking accessories and fittings. Don’t try and overcomplicate things, just think the simple way. A minimalist kitchen doesn’t mean an uninteresting kitchen. Make it fun, be creative and think clean lines and mixed textures, all in a very minimalist manner of course.

Game plan

It’s so hard to achieve for some people but we’re going to put it out there, game plan surrounds. Can you knock down a non-load bearing wall? Can you knock down a structural wall (with the assistance some professionals of course)? What can you do to extend the affection of your kitchen out into the next room? Can you move the dining table around, can you get rid of useless furniture that really isn’t showing any value to your space?

If your plan is ready, don’t be afraid to have a play around with your existing space. Organization and minimalism can be a fun thing to incorporate into your kitchen and will add some flow to your environment.