Spring and summer is tick season. Unfortunately, in the Unites States, there’s no getting away from the dangers of Lyme Disease. Many Americans struggle with the effects of Lyme Disease every day, and will continue to do so. The best way to spare yourself is to stop Lyme before it starts.

Avoid or Reduce Tick Habitats

Wherever possible, avoid tall grass and other habitats where ticks thrive. Remember that rodents and deer are the most common carriers of ticks with Lyme. Where you see rodents and deer, you are likely to encounter ticks with Lyme. Avoidance isn’t always possible, however. For the spaces you can’t (or don’t want to) avoid, there are a variety of pesticides that control ticks safely.

Take Personal Precautions

Vaccination and careful clothing choices are a few steps you can take to prevent Lyme from ever happening to you. Long sleeves, long pants, boots may be inconvenient in the summer heat, but Lyme is more inconvenient. Light colored clothing makes ticks easier to spot, and remember to apply repellant to your shoes and legs. These are just a few common-sense measures that can protect you from ticks.

Tick Check

After any exposure, check yourself all over for ticks. Don’t forget to check under your clothes, in your shoes and in your hair. If you find a tick bite, keep an eye on the bite area for signs of Lyme. Keep the tick that bit you if possible. It can help with diagnosis. If you fail to prevent yourself from getting Lyme, the best you can do is catch it early and treat it aggressively.

Ticks and Lyme Disease are a reality of life in the United States, and as much as you may wish otherwise, there’s no avoiding that fact. But there are things you can do, concrete actions you can take, to protect yourself from Lyme Disease.

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