The Appearance of Your Home’s Exterior

You may currently have the most neglected yard on the block, however, with a little time, attention, and elbow grease this could change. You don’t have to have an expansive budget to make a dent in the appearance of your home’s exterior. A few strategic moves should be all you need.

Work with What You Have

You may not have the largest lot in the neighborhood and the number of utility poles on your property may make you wish you could have a word with the neighborhood utility pole supplier, but you must work with what you have. Small or large, your yard is your palette to paint on. Fortunately, with a little imagination and creativity, you should be able to create something spectacular.

Fix What’s Broken

Before you can transform your home’s exterior, you have to clean up and repair anything that’s broken. You can’t paint on a dirty canvas. Clean up your yard. Fix your shutters and your mailbox. Cut the grass. In essence, do whatever needs to be done. Once you get this piece of the puzzle out of the way, you are free to start the transformation.

Add a Pop of Color

Everyone knows how expensive painting can be. However, you can cut the cost way down by simply painting your front door and shutters. This will have near the same effect as painting your entire house. Your front door is a focal point. Imagine the effect that giving it a fresh cheery coat of paint will have.

Choose Your Accents

The accents you choose to add interest and spark to your yard should be an expression of your personality as well as the amount of work you want to do to maintain them. If you want a low maintenance yard that still packs a punch, choose a rock garden or cacti to decorate. Neither requires much work at all. However, if plants aren’t your thing, you might consider decorating with pavers and other yard accesories. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s all about your preferences.

You don’t have to break the bank to create a yard with plenty of sparks and curb appeal. It just takes a little imagination and effort. The transformation you make on your home’s exterior won’t take a long time either. Before you know it, your home will be the belle of the ball.