The Most Common Reasons Homes Develop Pest Problems

The United States is home to roughly 140 million houses. A residential-focused exterminator and pest control business conducted a survey across the U.S. last year that found some eight out of 10 American homeowners fell prey to a pest control issue, ranging from finding a handful of ants to full-blown infestation. The best way to deal with pest problems is to take steps to prevent them from happening in the first place. Check out these tips for preventing pest problems.

Is the Foot of Ground Directly Outside of Your Home’s Foundation Sloped Downward?

Always remember that the soil nearest your home’s foundation should never be sloped towards the ground. This results in water pooling around the foundation, causing decay that can eventually cause serious, irreparable damage to your home’s most important part – the foundation. Make sure the soil or mulch that’s closer to your house is elevated higher than the ground. Decay can lead to a place for pests to enter your home.

Around the Bottom and Top of Your Home Are Screens – Are They Tightly Fitted?

These screens, also known as soffit vent screens, allow air to flow in and out of your home’s crawl space and attic. They need to be fitted snugly against the holes they cover up so that animals and bugs can’t navigate their way inside your home.

Get Stuff Away from the Edge of Your House

Creepy-crawly bugs love to hide under and inside of things. For example, stacks of firewood are bug hotspots. Firewood should never be stacked adjacent to your home. This can result in wood-hungry carpenter ants migrating to your home for food.

Don’t Let Branches Come in Contact with Your Home

Countless bugs find their homes in trees. As such, you should remove the branches of all shrubs, trees, and other plants that directly touch your home. To play it safe, cut them short if they’re within a foot of your walls, roof, or windows.

When the time for preventative measures has passed, reaching out to a well-known, highly-qualified salem pest management company is almost certainly your best chance of controlling the pest problem in a reasonable time frame.