The Most Common Sewer Problems

In residential and commercial areas, there are different sewer systems; however, all sewers experience similar operational problems. The best way to protect a sewer system is by fully understanding the most common maintenance and repair signs. If you pinpoint simple problems early, you can take the proper steps to replace or repair inefficient sewer components before water severely damages your landscape.

Tree Roots

On lush landscapes where trees are found, some sewer systems are affected by tree root invasion. After this particular problem happens, the roots will grow around the sewer lines gradually based on the frequency of rainstorms. If enough water soaks into the soil where roots have infiltrated a sewer system, the tension will break the pipes.

When water begins to flow out of fixtures slowly in a house or building that’s found on a lush property, tree roots may be causing the problem. If you want to ensure that roots might have invaded your pipes, simply trace the lines from your house to the main water valve. Along the way, determine whether or not trees are growing on the path. When a tree is growing over or near underground pipes, roots can easily invade important plumbing lines.

Pipe Problems

Although general property maintenance is important, some routines can dramatically shift the soil that covers various sewer lines. Once a lot of soil is shifted, various pipes will collapsed or develop alignment problems. When the soil is severely shifted, the pressure could crack or break the housing on weak pipes.

The easiest way to maintain an optimum piping system is by testing all of the fixtures that have water valves following each landscaping project that involves work around sewer lines. In order to replace damaged pipes underground that slow down water distribution throughout a home, you’ll need to work with an experienced plumber.

By using these strategies, you’ll have no problems keep a sewer system in peak condition. If you need to maintain an advanced system, you may need to run tests. According to plumbing experts, a sewer smoke test is a practical option that detacts air flow problems.