Ways to Bring Nature Indoors

Humans have an ancient instinct to be outdoors, embracing Mother Nature and all the gifts she has to give us. Bring those gifts inside of your house to make the home feel less sterile and more welcoming. No matter if you live in a high-rise apartment or a cookie-cutter house in a subdivision, there are plenty of ways to bring nature inside of your home.

Lighten up Your Floors

Light-colored floorboards like Provenza floors have seen a surge in 2019, and for similar reasons: The airy, light feel of light wood evokes feelings of calm, peacefulness. It hearkens back to forests of dancing birch and beech trees.

Grow Kitchen Herbs

Plant a small kitchen garden in your window, along a shelf or wherever you have a little extra room. Vertical gardens are wildly popular because they take no counter space. Cooking with fresh ingredients from your own garden is satisfying in its own way. Choose the herbs you use the most while preparing meals.

Wicker Accents

Wicker furniture has always been popular in the United States, but it had its heyday most recently in the 1960s and 1970s. Choosing an accent piece here and there does not give the same “time capsule” feeling as an entire room furnished in wicker, plus the natural texture and color will add a sense of tranquility to the room.

Natural Light

The sun’s rays are full of vitamin D and other good things, and they boost endorphins and make us feel happier. Open the windows and let the light stream in! The fresh air combined with sunlight makes the room feel less claustrophobic. Choose breezy window coverings that add to the flow of the room.

Creativity is the only thing stopping you from bringing the outdoors inside of your home. Small changes here and there can make your home feel more natural and inviting.